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What is Surf Music?

Surf music evolved starting in the early 1960s. Surfers like Dick Dale spent their days riding the waves off the California coast and their nights playing loud guitar instrumentals in the clubs. The heavy 'drenched with reverb sound' is said to emulate crashing waves. 

There were many others pounding out their unique instrumentals. Bands like the Sufaris and the Chantays (Pipeline and Wipeout) each had top ten hits. The next wave of surf music brought melodic, harmonizing vocals to the table. Bands like The Beach Boys and Jan Dean hit the charts with their catchy tunes. 

By 1964 The British Invasion hit the US shore and surf music began to vanish. Surf music did have its revival in the 1990's when Dick Dale's Miserlou was featured in the popular movie Pulp Fiction. New surf bands emerged, such as Man or Astroman and Los Straightjackets. 

Today you can still hear Surf music in commercials and in movies. Six Foot Swell will continue to bring you the classics combined with newer Surf.